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Functional Friday - "Strumming the Piano"

Posted on January 19, 2018 with 0 comments

Welcome to Functional Friday (as opposed to dysfunctional - whole other story) where I share some ideas on how to enhance your day to day enjoyment playing the 88.

Why "Strumming the Piano"? When someone buys or is gifted a new guitar they look up a few chords, sit on the bed, and start strumming away eventually learning to accompany themselves on a few favourite tunes. Piano players not so much.

My goal with these Friday blogs is to give you the skills necessary to use functional harmony (oooh, big words. Not to worry, I got you) to decipher chords and develop your own piano accompaniment to songs you love. Thus, like the newbie guitarist you'll be strumming along in no time.

As always, please leave comments, ask questions and make suggestions as to what you want to see here. It's all about you guys.

Have a great weekend!