Coming Soon - Jazz Piano Academy 

Our new online school "Jazz Piano Academy" will be up and running in just a matter of weeks. In the meantime, download your FREE Piano Blues Resource Kit HERE and bring your blues playing to a whole new level.

Gary and Denise

Harmony Explained 

Here 23 year old musician Jacob Collier explains harmony at 5 different levels of difficulty.

Busy year so far! 

We've been busy playing in venues all around St. John's since January and have bookings right up until the end of August.

Highlights include a lovely evening at The Crow's Nest a naval officer's club in downtown St. John's established in 1942 at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic. It became a haven for battle weary seamen looking for respite from war and a decent pint. We love playing there and we're always well received.

Jazz East performed at the Ship Pub to a huge crowd on March 8 and we'll be…

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Exciting Year Ahead! 

We've been busily preparing to record the new CD "Alone Together" and hope to have it ready for you all soon. In the meantime we've been preparing sheet music of all the tunes on "In A Heartbeat". Pdf's will be available soon from this site.

New shows are in the works for the summer and fall featuring lotsa new tunes and fresh arrangements and orchestrations of your favourites.

Keep an eye out for new dates on the calendar and we look forward to seeing you at our shows.

Gary and Denise

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